Got an idea?


Are you a charity or an employer?

You are ?......then read on

The Sunwise UVA 'Got an idea ?' scheme

If you are a creative minded individual and have an idea then this is for you !

All you need is a brainwave for a garment that would work well as part of the Sunwise UVA clothing range and would like to get one free then send us your idea.

If we end up making and selling it in our shop then we will send you one free of charge !

Are you an employer or charity etc

Sunwise will work with you to design dual badged clothing for your charity.  This can be used as a fundraiser and /or as way of making staff or volunteers stand out.   Equally you may be an employer with staff who spend a lot of time outside.  As such you may wish to equip them with protective clothing such as overalls or simply high vis jackets that not only make them visible but will also protect them from the suns harmful rays.  As a responsible employers you will want to take care of your workforce.

If this is you - then please get in touch.  Usually a minimum order of 50 applies but dont let that stop you calling us as we may still be able to work something out.