Our products

Sunwise UVA products are a premium product made to the highest standards and quality that our customers have come to expect. Wether they are on the beach, down town or at home they know that they and their family will not suffer from over exposure.  Sunwise UVA products are not cheap supermarket or high street chain mass produced items and are made from high quality fabrics and made well so they last and are fit for purpose.

Sunwise UVA Ltd is determined to offer high level UPF protection wear to equally high quality fabrics, design and manufacturing standards.  Naturally, we hope you agree.

The designs whether they are simple T shirt tops or more complex blouses or trousers are bespoke to Sunwise UVA Ltd.  Whilst you might find some similar products elsewhere on the high street they will not be the quite the same and will NOT protect you much if at all from the suns harmful rays.

The Sunwise concept is designed around the need for people to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and the sunshine without paying the price that so many people do from staying out too long.  Parents particularly are also looking for clothing that will protect their children from the sun without stopping them from playing freely.  Sunwise UVa knows that getting a child to sit still whilst you smear them with greasy sun creams is like herding cats so we also makes high quality clothing for the children too.

A number of our items are made from cotton and some have lycra for flexibility but irrespective of the material they are all protected to the SPF value of 50%.  This means that they will deflect almost all the suns harmful rays [about 98%], leaving you to enjoy the warmth without the health risks of over exposure.

Sunwise UVA Lyd is a limited company registered with companies house.  You should not use the company logo without permission but please do ask as we are pretty obliging people.

Thanks to the following for their help in enabling Sunwise UVA Ltd to become a reality:

West Midland Rural Growth Network [WMRGN] for the start up grant

Pera Consulting as used by WMRGN for business expertise

Lucy Ball for her fashion advice

Margaret D for her mentoring and general encouragement.

Alison Westley - my wife and best friend.

John and Helen L for investing in this venture.