Sunwise is a new company set up to provide UVA clothing for adults and children.  All the designs are unique to Sunwise UVA Ltd and are made to the highest standards.

A couple of years ago my wife developed a condition which we now know as polymorphus Light Erruption. [PLE].  It looks like prickly heat rash but PLE is caused by the UVA rays of the sun.  PLE stopped Alison from going out in the sunshine unless she sprayed herself all over with suncream.  This is not always practical and many creams are greasy and a number have questionable qualities in terms of their sun protection ability and level.

Most people dont think twice about enjoying the sun but my wifes condition meant she couldnt just go outside without thinking about how she was protected.  We started looking around for clothing that could block the harmful rays of the sun and found very little around apart from childrens beach wear.  What was available was either expensive or designed for children in the sea and surf.  There were no reasonably priced clothes that were meant for everyday wear that could be at home on the beach or just out and about in the sun.

I started to think about whether it was possible to develop a range of clothes myself that could be worn on the beach, on holiday or simply out and about in the sunshine at home without having to worry about the harmful rays of the sun. I wanted to create a range that was smart yet casual which could be worn walking down the street just as much as in the countryside or on the beach,  Climate change is here to stay which means the effects of the sun are geting stronger each year including the harmful UVA rays that cause melanoma.

Originally the idea was to help my wife enjoy the sunshine as much as anyone else but I realised that there were probably thousands of people who would like to stay safe whilst getting out in the sun including children.  Such people may also have skin reactions caused by the suns harmful rays and need clothing that is light and summery yet protects at the same time.  Gone are the days of factor 5 sun cream so Sunwise UVA clothing has been designed to have a UVF rating of around 50%.  This means it prevents over 95% of all UVA and UVB almost total blocking of the suns harmful rays.

The result of my desire to help my wife and all those people who want to stay safe but still get out and enjoy the sun at home, at work or on holiday is Sunwise UVA Ltd.

The rest as they say is history........